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    December 21, 2016 by UnifiedHardlight

    Spectreon is a -type Pokémon.

    It evolves from Eevee while holding a Dawn Stone at dusk.

    Spectreon is a ghost of the Pokémon Eevee, often long-dead and abandoned by their abusive or inexperienced Trainers. Its once cream-coloured mane has become somewhat dishevelled, and brown with dirt it uses to keep itself protected and warm. Much of the fur from its tail has thinned and matted together, making it significantly stronger, thus improving its balance for climbing, grasping and attacking. Spectreon's ears are much taller and pointier than Eevee's. Eye colour differs between genders. Claws are beginning to develop on its feet, which have in themselves grown larger with more leathery pads. However, due to them being shunned socially, there is ver…

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  • UnifiedHardlight

    So, I recently read TechSkylander's blog post (several times), and thus have decided to make one of my own, because whynaut?!

    Horrendous humour aside, I do have a few probably cool ideas about what could be added. I figured I might as well put all of my ideas out there for the community to enjoy, and to give their compliments and criticisms on my ideas.

    Due to the magnitude of content, some of it would hypothetically have to be added in the 1.1.0 patch. If any of this gets added (or any new 'mons get added), pity be to the whole blog team who have to sort out any glorious numbering issues.

    Obviously, I highly doubt the devs are likely to notice this, they're probably drowning in work right now. I just hope none of that work has gone into chan…

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