Nuclear tancoon by kenirotoarts-dahpu85


I never got the chance to know Nucka well, nor did I know Nuclear Pokemon well. But Nucka made me see different now. It all started on the Route from my characters old hometown, a Ranger was getting attacked by a Nuclear Pokemon, a Tancoon no less. However, I didn't know the "Catcher" tamed him down a little. I had went into battle with the Wild Nuclear Tancoon, but what I saw wasn't a Friendly Pokemon, I saw a Power Hungry Beast that shouldn't be alive. But when I made eye contact with Nucka, he didn't attack me, yet. I clinged onto a Ultra Ball, tightly, but my Great Ball fell from my pocket. Scared to pick it up, I stayed ferm, keeping my eyes on Nucka, but I didn't know a wild normal Tancoon snuck up behind me. I was trapped, with two wild Pokemon, but Nucka growled and lunged. "This is it...I'm dead." I closed my eyes, ready to meet my faith, but instead, I heard yelping. The normal Tacoon ran away, tail tugged between it's legs, but Nuka was hurt, badly. Using what I had in my bag, I restored his health. And to surprise you all, he licked my cheek like a normal Pokemon, and in his eyes was a hint of blue. So I took him in as my partner, and I still have him today, evolved and strong as he needs to be. And with a new baby Pokemon on the way, well, Nucka will be a great father.

And that's how I met Nucka, my Nuclear Tancoon.