Nuclear tancoon by kenirotoarts-dahpu85


After training Nucka to a level 30, he was about to evlove, but instead, I got a "huh?" icon instead. As the game when to the egg, I saw it move and crack. Nucka was right beside me, getting ready to see if his new baby Tancoon was a boy or a girl. When it finally hatch, it was a Nuclear baby Tancoon. Nucka sniffed it and licked the cute little baby pup. It's a girl, congrats Nucka." I said, petting the Nuclear Tancoon's head. "You should be so proud." And even though his eyes was white and blank, I can still see the joy he has in him within him. I decided to keep the baby Tancoon in my party. Nucka decided to rest under a tree, tired of all that has happened with his training, but he didn't mine. I closed my eyes as well, falling asleep as if I was 4. The litttle Tancoon, who I nickname Ellie, ran around, curious of her new surrounding. Nucka woke up after 29 minutes, and looked around for his baby girl, painc and fear took over. He jolt up and ran around looking for her, leaving me with Kellyn, my Metalynx and Crea

m, my level 19 Owten. As he ventured more into the forest, he heard a whimper and a  growl. 

Shiny nu tancoon


A rogue male Tancoon, high search for his next meal, Nucka, being a protective 

father, attacked to rogue meal, which turns out to be the same on that attacked me when I met him. With a snarl and toxic bark, the rogue male still stayed. Ellie whimpered more, begging for Nucka to stay strong. Nucka growl more and fluff up his fur to make his fur bigger, and the same Tancoon back down. As I ran over, and petted the rogue male Tancoon head. He nuzzled it and touched my Dusk ball and stayed there. He was soon named Hunter. And as for Ellie, she's got a crush on him and she's Nucka's favorite baby girl. And Ellie learned her leas

on, never venture to far from the pack. And she will all be Nucka's baby girl.