Here's a new template I've been working on! It will randomly display one of 88 Pokemon (all the Pokemon that have art in their infobox at the moment) along with a link to their pages. I'm considering adding it to the front page, but I have a few questions:

Should the template be restructured to have a better display of the images? The black background brings out outlines in some of Twitch's artwork, and I feel a bit awkward about not having anything around the picture.

Does this template seem appealing? I think it can be a good way to give people something that catches their eye, but I'm not quite sure of that-it doesn't help that a lot of the Pokemon included are canon Pokemon, since we have art for all of them.

Does the template seem like it could fit in the front page, or does the design not give it a suitable space?

EDIT: Oh, heck, I'm not sure about this, but it seems like the randomizing only occurs in a blog post if I've reloaded it. I'm putting it up on my profile page to see if that gets it working.