Bulbapedia article on FEAR Method

This is a fun little strategy I haven't seen brought up much in Uranium discussions. (likely because people usually already know how to deal with it, but still, it's pretty fun to watch level 100s fall at a little early Pokémon)

Cottonee and Whimsicott can do it using Prankster and Nature Power, and Chyinmunk and Kinetmunk are also capable. Given the big amount of priority moves in Uranium, I'm sure there's a lot of possibilities. (especially with Sudden Strike-takes care of Ghost-types while still being able to hit Normal-types!) Anyone know any others?

(also, on the subject, is this worth making an article for, or should we just leave it like this? I know most strategies don't merit an article, but this is a fairly-well known one. Maybe we could consider putting together an appendix for terminology like Bulbapedia's, with what Pokémon in Uranium fill such roles?)