I don't expect anyone to read this much less reply, however Wikia staff normally request a community discussion for flagging a bot account. Seeing as this wiki does not have the Wikia forum system enabled and the pages for the standard MediaWiki system don't even exist other then the index, a blog post is my last option. I would like to use my bot account JdmBot on this wiki. I have used it previously to great effect on the Rust Wiki and believe is could help here. It would be used for miscellaneous tasks such as fixing typos, modifying page formatting, and updating information relating to Pokémon Uranium. The account would mainly be operated by AutoWikiBrowser but I may also use a custom bot for updating Pokémon and Move info directly from the game files. If anyone does read this post please comment with your opinion on the use of this bot. I will contact Wikia staff in one week to ask that the account be flagged.