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  • DigoBlaze12

    Angelure' s Pirate Den

    January 21, 2017 by DigoBlaze12

    I thought of how would be a Sidequest with Angelure Town:

    After completing the Championship, the player must talk to Hinata and Kaito to get info about the quest. Once the player talks to the Gym Leaders, the man of the boat will be there and will be able to take you from Tsukinami to Silverport, Venesi, Bealbeach or Route 17 (that would lead to Angelure).

    |bordercolor= |headcolor= |sprite=Pirate_m.png |class=Pirate |name=Gil |location=Route 17 |locationname=Route 17 |prize=8000 |pokemon=3}} | |

    |bordercolor= |headcolor= |sprite=TrainerSilva.png |class=Pirate |name=Natasha |location=Route 17 |locationname=Route 17 |prize=8000 |pokemon=3}} | | |

    |bordercolor= |headcolor= |sprite=TrainerSilva.png |class=Pirate |name=Anne |location=Route 17 |loca…

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  • DigoBlaze12

    Easter Sprites

    January 16, 2017 by DigoBlaze12

    I made some Easter sprites... What do you think?


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