This page lists content in Pokémon Uranium that was either planned to be in Pokémon Uranium but was scrapped, or content that was removed/changed.

Scrapped Pokémon

Dwebble and Crustle

Dwebble and Crustle were originally part of Tandor's regional dex. They were replaced by Unymph and Harptera.


Gliggler was originally going to be a Ground-type Pokémon and a pre-evolution for Gligar. It was scrapped in the final release and was replaced by Jerbolta.



Dunterach, a Ground/Dragon Pokémon, was planned as an alternate evolution for Dunsparce.


Bukial and Velbone lines

Two evolutionary lines were originally planned for Uranium's release-Buckial and Bucksaur, a Rock/Fire type line, and Velbone and Velociskull, a Rock/Dark type line. Given their Rock typing and dinosaur-based designs, it's likely these were originally planned as Fossil Pokémon.

Swablu and Altaria

According to a post in DeviantArt made by JV, the official Pokémon Swablu and Altaria would be in Pokémon Uranium. However, they were scrapped.

Munna and Musharna

Munna and Musharna were originally going to be part of Tandor's regional dex. They were later replaced by Masking and Dramsama.


Ditto was originally part of Tandor's regional dex. It was later replaced by Duplicat, and the Ditto egg group was renamed to the Duplicat egg group.

Preyter and Preyuder

According to a post in DeviantArt made by JV and to info in the Pokémon Uranium Tumblr, there would be two Ground and Grass-type Pokémon Pokémon known as Preyter and Preyuder. They were scrapped for unknown reasons.

Unknown Pokémon

Two unnamed Pokémon, based on Hippogriffs, were shown in a dex from 2009. They were Normal/Flying-type Pokémon.


An official post by JV shows that there would be an Ice/Flying-type called Dhoosnowl (sometimes referred as Dhoosnown). It was scrapped in a later beta.

Tinead and Zumbread

An official post by JV shows that there would be 2 Pokémon with unknown typings called Tinead and Zumbread (sometimes referred as Zubread or Zubrad). They were scrapped in a later beta.

Scrapped Mechanics

Old Fire-type Starter Pokémon

While still being in Pokémon Uranium, Flager wasn't originally meant to be a wild species, but Tandor's Fire-type Starter Pokémon. This idea was changed with the introduction of Raptorch.

Scrapped Nuclear Pokémon

Palij and Pajay were planned have their own Nuclear forms. These forms were scrapped for unknown reasons, but a nuclear Pahar was made available as a mystery gift for Pokémon Uranium's anniversary.

Old Style

Originally, Pokémon Uranium was a Gen III (RSE and FRLG)-styled game. Then it evolved to the Gen IV style (DPPt and HGSS) and finally adopted the Gen V battle interface and Gen VI battle mechanics.

Early Battle interface

Early Battle Interface

Pokémon Racing

There would be a mode (announced shortly after Burole Town) where Pokémon would race in a similar fashion to Pokéathlon. It was scrapped in a later beta.

Old Typings

  • Barewl was going to be a pure Steel-type Pokémon.
  • Terlard was going to be a pure Ground-type Pokémon.
  • Baashaun was going to be a pure Dark-type Pokémon.
  • Flager and Inflagetah were going to be Fire/Ground-type Pokémon.
  • Cocaran's whole line was going to be Grass/Water-type

Old Evolutionary lines

  • Originally, Dearewl wasn't in Barewl's evolutionary line.
  • Cararalm wasn't in Cocaran's evolutionary line.

Early Sprites

Early Maps/Layouts

Old Names

  • Gym Leader Maria's old name was Rachel.
  • Fortog's old name was Fartog.
  • Frosulo's old name was Crystalis.
  • Feleng and Felunge's names were swapped.

Old Cries

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