Nuzlocke mode by jv12345-d68i0uu

Various options for Nuzlocke Mode

Nuzlocke Mode is a new feature in Pokémon Uranium, based on the fan-made Nuzlocke Challenge. It is intended to provide a more difficult, suspenseful type of gameplay where the player's choices have a much greater significance. Nuzlocke Mode is available since pre-Version 4.0.


Nuzlocke Mode is an option that can be activated at the start of the game and cannot be turned off afterwards. There are only two core rules present in every Nuzlocke Challenge:

  • If a Pokémon faints, it is considered "dead" and cannot be revived.
  • Only the first Pokémon encountered in each route can be caught. If the player fails to catch this Pokemon, they cannot catch any Pokémon at all on this route. There are no exceptions for shiny Pokémon if one is encountered and not the first encounter.

Optional Rules

These rules can be toggled on and off at the beginning of the game to make the challenge easier or harder.

  • Duplicate Clause: If the first encounter in a route is a Pokémon that has already been captured, then it may be skipped.
  • Shiny Clause: Shinies can be captured even if they're not the first encounter on the route.
  • Healing In Battle: If disabled, items cannot be used on Pokémon while in battle.
  • Held Items: If disabled, Pokémon cannot use their held items.
  • Allow Poke Marts: If disabled, Poké Marts cannot be used and the player must subsist on found items alone.
  • Challenge Mode: When enabled, enemy Trainers' Pokémon will be 1-7 levels higher than usual, but the experience given is the same as if they didn't have an increased level.