Illusion (ability)Immunity (ability)Imprison (move)
In-game TradesIncinerate (move)Infernal Blade (move)
Inferno (move)Infestation (move)Infiltrator (ability)
InflagetahInflagetiteInfuriate (ability)
Ingrain (move)Inner Focus (ability)Insomnia (ability)
Instant Crush (move)Interconnectivity FeaturesIntimidate (ability)
Ion Deluge (move)IronIron Defense (move)
Iron Fist (ability)Iron Head (move)Iron Tail (move)
Jaboca BerryJackdearyJerbolta
JolteonJungle's CrownJungore
Justified (ability)KaitoKarate Chop (move)
Kasib BerryKeen Eye (ability)Kellyn
Kelpsy BerryKevlar TownKinetmunk
King's RockKiricornKiricornite
Knock Off (move)KrakanaoKrilvolver
LaissureLanthanLanthanite Cave
Lanthanite CoreLaser Pulse (move)Last Resort (move)
Lava CookieLava Plume (move)Lavent
Lazy (ability)Lead Skin (ability)Leaf Blade (move)
Leaf Guard (ability)Leaf StoneLeafeon
Leech Life (move)Leech Seed (move)Leer (move)
LeftoversLegen TownLegendary Pokémon
Leppa BerryLevel BallLeviathao
Levitate (ability)Lick (move)Liechi Berry
Life OrbLight Screen (move)Lightning Rod (ability)
LinkiteLiquid Ooze (ability)List of Pokémon by Ability
List of Pokémon by base friendshipList of Pokémon by base statsList of Pokémon by base stats by type
List of Pokémon by body styleList of Pokémon by catch rateList of Pokémon by color
List of Pokémon by effort value yieldList of Pokémon by heightList of Pokémon by weight
List of Pokémon by wild held itemList of Trade Only EvolutionsList of breedable Pokémon by Egg Groups and Hatch Steps
Lock-On (move)LombreLotad
Love BallLovely GroomingLow Kick (move)
Low Sweep (move)LuchabraLucille
Lucky Chant (move)Lucky EggLudicolo
Lum BerryLunapupLure Ball
Luxury BallMach Punch (move)Macho Brace
Magic Bounce (ability)Magic Coat (move)Magic Guard (ability)
Magic Room (move)Magical Leaf (move)Magikarp
Magma Armor (ability)Magma Storm (move)Magnet
Magnet Bomb (move)Magnet Rise (move)Magnitude (move)
Main CharacterMain PageMajungold
MaskingMaster BallMat Block (move)
Max ElixirMax EtherMax Potion
Max RepelMax ReviveMe First (move)
Mean Look (move)Meditate (move)Mega Bracelet
Mega Drain (move)Mega EvolutionMega Launcher (ability)
Mega Punch (move)Megahorn (move)Memento (move)
Metal Burst (move)Metal Claw (move)Metal Coat
Metal Cruncher (move)Metal Sound (move)Metal Whip (move)
MetalynxMetalynxiteMeteor Mash (move)
Metronome (move)MiasmedicMimic (move)
Mind Reader (move)Mineral (Egg Group)Minicorn
Minus (ability)MinyanMiracle Eye (move)
Miracle SeedMirror Coat (move)Mirror Move (move)
Mirror Shot (move)MisdreavusMismagius
Mist (move)Misty Terrain (move)Modrille
Moki TownMold Breaker (ability)Monster (Egg Group)
Moody (ability)Moon BallMoon Stone
Moonblast (move)Moonlight (move)Morning Sun (move)
Moss ShardMotor Drive (ability)Move List
Move TutorsMoxie (ability)Mud-Slap (move)
Mud Bomb (move)Mud Shot (move)Mud Sport (move)
Muddy Water (move)MutiosMystery Gift
Mystic WaterMystical Fire (move)Nasty Plot (move)
Natural Cure (ability)Natural Gift (move)Nature
Nature Power (move)NavighastNeopunk
Nest BallNet BallNeverMeltIce
New FeaturesNew Moves and AbilitiesNight Shade (move)
Night Slash (move)Nightmare (move)Nimflora
Ninja Reunion SidequestNormal (type)Nowtoch City
Nowtoch City GymNuclear (type)Nuclear Ball
Nuclear FalloutNuclear Plant EpsilonNuclear Plant Omicron
Nuclear Plant ZetaNuclear Slash (move)Nuclear Waste (move)
Nuclear Wind (move)