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Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.

Hustle is an ability introduced in Generation 3. So far, 4 Pokémon have this ability.


In battle

Hustle increases the bearer's Attack by 50% but reduces the accuracy of all Physical moves by 20%.

Outside of battle

If a Pokémon with Hustle is the leading party Pokémon, wild Pokémon are 50% more likely to be a higher level. It shares this effect with Pressure and Vital Spirit.

Pokémon with Hustle

Normal Ability

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#054 Icon054 Comite
Rock Rock
#081 Icon081 Corsola
Water Rock

Hidden Ability

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#145 Icon145 Chupacho
Poison Poison
#146 Icon146 Luchabra
Poison Fighting