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Normal Fire
Fighting Water
Flying Grass
Poison Electric
Ground Psychic
Rock Ice
Bug Dragon
Ghost Dark
Steel Fairy

The Ground type is one of the nineteen types.

Battle properties

Offensive GroundIC Big Defensive
Power Types   Power Types
ElectricIC Big
FireIC Big
PoisonIC Big
RockIC Big
SteelIC Big
NuclearIC Big
½× PoisonIC Big
RockIC Big
½× BugIC Big
GrassIC Big
GrassIC Big
IceIC Big
WaterIC Big
NuclearIC Big
FlyingIC Big ElectricIC Big

Ground-types will not take damage in a sandstorm.


There are 22 Ground-type Pokémon, which is 11% of all Pokémon (counting forms that change typing as different Pokémon).

Pure Ground-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#018 Icon018 Grozard
Ground Ground
#181 Icon181 Sheebit
Ground Ground
#182 Icon182 Terrabbit
Ground Ground
#183 Icon183 Laissure
Ground Ground

Half Ground-type Pokémon

Primary Ground-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#019 Icon019 Terlard
Ground Dragon
#067 Icon067 Lunapup
Ground Fighting
#068 Icon068 Herolune
Ground Fighting
#073 Icon073 Modrille
Ground Dark
#074 Icon074 Drilgann
Ground Dark
#075 Icon075 Gligar
Ground Flying
#n075 Iconn075 Gligar
Nuclear Gligar
Ground Nuclear
#076 Icon076 Gliscor
Ground Flying
#n076 Iconn076 Gliscor
Nuclear Gliscor
Ground Nuclear
#085 Icon085 Cassnail
Ground Water
#086 Icon086 Sableau
Ground Water
#087 Icon087 Escartress
Ground Water
#195 Icon195 Lanthan
Ground Steel

Secondary Ground-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#003 Icon003 Raptorch
Fire Ground
#004 Icon004 Archilles
Fire Ground
#053 Icon053 Jerbolta
Electric Ground
#078 Icon078 Cocaran
Grass Ground
#079 Icon079 Cararalm
Grass Ground
#080 Icon080 Cocancer
Grass Ground
#151 Icon151 Anderind
Ice Ground


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