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Type  Fighting
Category  Physical
Power  Varies
Accuracy  100%
PP  20 (max. 32)
Priority  -5
A retaliation move that counters any physical attack, inflicting double the damage taken.
  • Makes contact
  • Affected by Protect
  • Not affected by Magic Coat
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Not affected by King's Rock
Foe Foe
Self Ally
Affects the user

Counter is a retaliatory Fighting-type move. It has a greatly decreased priority, but will deal double the damage the user has taken if it is hit by a Physical move before it acts.

In a double battle, Counter will damage the foe that last struck the user with a physical attack.

Pokémon that learn Counter

By leveling up

Pokémon Type Level
#030 Icon030 {{{3}}}Felunge {{{3}}} Normal Unknown 34
#062 Icon062 {{{3}}}Baariette {{{3}}} Dark Fighting 25
#151 Icon151 {{{3}}}Anderind {{{3}}} Ice Ground 29
#191 Icon191 {{{3}}}Garlikid {{{3}}} Grass Fighting 28

Via Prior Evolution

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#031 Icon031 Feliger
Normal Normal

By Breeding

Pokémon Type Father
#032 Icon032 {{{3}}}Mankey {{{3}}} Fighting Unknown Icon060Icon061Icon062
#033 Icon033 {{{3}}}Primeape {{{3}}} Fighting Unknown Icon060Icon061Icon062
#034 Icon034 {{{3}}}Empirilla {{{3}}} Fighting Unknown Icon060Icon061Icon062
#060 Icon060 Baashaun Dark Fighting
#061 Icon061 Baaschaf Dark Fighting
#073 Icon073 Modrille Ground Dark
#074 Icon074 Drilgann Ground Dark
#075 Icon075 Gligar Ground Flying
#076 Icon076 Gliscor Ground Flying
#141 Icon141 Gargryph Rock Unknown

Moves with a priority of -5
CounterMirror Coat