Betanotice Gameplay Notice

Gamma Urayne is currently unavailable during regular gameplay, and as such only CURIE can currently use this ability.

In-game description
The Pokémon summons a nuclear fallout when it enters battle.
  • This ability was created for Pokémon Uranium

Chernobyl is an ability introduced in Pokémon Uranium which summons a new weather condition. It is the signature ability of Gamma Urayne.


In battle

Chernobyl creates a Nuclear Fallout for the duration of the Pokémon being in battle, dealing damage every odd-numbered turn to all Pokémon except Nuclear- and Steel-types. This damage is based on each Pokémon's weakness to the Nuclear type, much like the damage taken from Stealth Rock or a Thunderstorm. Additionally, it will reduce the damage Nuclear-type Pokémon take from super effective moves.

Outside of battle

Chernobyl has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Chernobyl

Gamma Form Ability

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#197 Icon197 Urayne
Nuclear Nuclear


  • This is the only weather-summoning ability with an unlimited effect, as all others are restricted to a duration of five turns.
  • Its name comes from the Power Plant Chernobyl which experienced a catastrophic disaster in 1986

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