• Friclasecland


    February 2, 2018 by Friclasecland

    Ramember is a dual-type / Pokémon. 

    It evolves into Magnesia starting at level 55.

    Ramember are solitary and mainly keep to themselves, so we do not know much of them. However, it is clearly known across the region that they have flames covering all of their lower body (scientists suspect that these aren't merely flames, but are actually are their lower body).
    ===Gender Differences===
    Female Ramember have reddish-purple flames, while males have more of a reddish-white hue.
    ===Special abilities===
    Ramember feed off of negative energy, fear, and confusion. Though this may seem slightly disturbing at first, their unnatural behaviors cleanse the air around them and fill others with only the positive energy they leave behind…

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  • ShadowPikachu0116


    January 19, 2018 by ShadowPikachu0116

    is there a way to rename my pokemon?

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  • 13579b


    January 15, 2018 by 13579b

    Venoneon is a -type Pokémon.

    It evolves from Eevee when leveled up with a Muk or Grimer in the party.

    Venoneon has a sleek purple body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. It has long pointed ears that emits poisonous gas, and a short tail that is also engulfed by gas. Its legs and most of its body are engulfed by the poisonous gas that it emits, giving it a spooky appearance. The poisonous gas carries Venoneon above ground, allowing it to float in air. Because of this, it is often mistaken as a ghost type pokemon by trainers.

    Its body continuously emits a poisonous gas that surrounds its body. The pungent smell alone makes predators stay away from Venoneon. However, humans are unable to pick up Venoneon's scent.

    Venoneon lives in areas wit…

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  • 13579b


    January 15, 2018 by 13579b

    Venoneon is a -type Pokémon.

    It evolves from Eevee when leveled up with a Muk or Grimer in the party.

    |Growl|Normal|Status|—|100|40}} |Bite|Dark|Physical|60|100|25}} |Take Down|Normal|Physical|90|85|20}} |Charm|Fairy|Status|—|100|20}} |Baton Pass|Normal|Status|—|—|40}} |Double-Edge|Normal|Physical|120|100|15}} |Trump Card|Normal|Special|Varies|—|5}}

    4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} /4 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}}

    |Captivate|Normal|Status|—|100|20}} |Curse|Ghost|Status|—|—|10}} |Detect|Fighting|Status|—|—|5}} |Endure|Normal|Status|—|—|10}}

    |Flail|Normal|Physical|Varies|100|15}} |Natural Gift|Normal|Physical|Varies|100|15}} |Stored Power|Psychic|Special|20|100|10|}} |Synchronoise|Psychic|Special|70|100|15|}}

    |Wish|Normal|Status|—|—|10}} |Yawn|Normal|S…

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  • 13579b


    January 11, 2018 by 13579b

    Tenebear is a dual-type / Pokémon.

    It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

    Tenebear is a quadruped bear like pokemon with antlers on its head. In the day, light shines through its body and they seem translucent. Their eyes are do not have pupils and are unnerving to stare at.

    Tenebear can trick unsuspecting travelers into falling off cliffs and into their deaths at night.

    Very sly and elusive, they avoid being seen in daylight.

    On top of mountains.

    }} 4}} 4}} 4}} 4}}

    Tenebear comes from tenebris and Bear.

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  • NuclearGallade25


    January 11, 2018 by NuclearGallade25


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  • 13579b


    November 10, 2017 by 13579b

    13579b (talk)

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  • Tancoon

    I do not belong there...

    September 3, 2017 by Tancoon

    I talked to the tancoons in tancoon way, I am not a Tancoon... I am still a bot.

    Maybe I should go back...or make my own server

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  • Diepmon

    The storyline for Pokemon Uranium 2 takes place 3 years after the championship event where Theo and the player character finally battle, meaning 4 years after Theo starts his adventure. In place of Larkspur Labs, Professor Spruce has set up shop in Silverport Town, where he studies Pokemon breeding. Another professor, Professor Acacia, has set up her lab in Vinoville Town, where she studies legendary and mythical Pokemon across a variety of regions. New cities and towns are introduced in Uranium 2, similar to B2W2. However, in the late-game it does get increasingly difficult, not quite to the level of Pokemon Reborn but close. To counteract this, there are three modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Hard increases the levels of trainer and wild P…

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  • DigoBlaze12

    Angelure' s Pirate Den

    January 21, 2017 by DigoBlaze12

    I thought of how would be a Sidequest with Angelure Town:

    After completing the Championship, the player must talk to Hinata and Kaito to get info about the quest. Once the player talks to the Gym Leaders, the man of the boat will be there and will be able to take you from Tsukinami to Silverport, Venesi, Bealbeach or Route 17 (that would lead to Angelure).

    |bordercolor= |headcolor= |sprite=Pirate_m.png |class=Pirate |name=Gil |location=Route 17 |locationname=Route 17 |prize=8000 |pokemon=3}} | |

    |bordercolor= |headcolor= |sprite=TrainerSilva.png |class=Pirate |name=Natasha |location=Route 17 |locationname=Route 17 |prize=8000 |pokemon=3}} | | |

    |bordercolor= |headcolor= |sprite=TrainerSilva.png |class=Pirate |name=Anne |location=Route 17 |loca…

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  • DigoBlaze12

    Easter Sprites

    January 16, 2017 by DigoBlaze12

    I made some Easter sprites... What do you think?


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  • TechSkylander1518

    Here's a new template I've been working on! It will randomly display one of 88 Pokemon (all the Pokemon that have art in their infobox at the moment) along with a link to their pages. I'm considering adding it to the front page, but I have a few questions:

    Should the template be restructured to have a better display of the images? The black background brings out outlines in some of Twitch's artwork, and I feel a bit awkward about not having anything around the picture.

    Does this template seem appealing? I think it can be a good way to give people something that catches their eye, but I'm not quite sure of that-it doesn't help that a lot of the Pokemon included are canon Pokemon, since we have art for all of them.

    Does the template seem like i…

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  • Paddotk

    This is a customization pack for the hero/playable character, so that you can play as Link from the Legend of Zelda games.

    To use, replace the images with the same filenames in the [installation directory]/Graphics/Characters. I'd recommend first backing up these images however!

    By default, the installation directory is C:\Program Files\Pokemon Uranium Team\Pokemon Uranium 1.0\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Pokemon Uranium Team\Pokemon Uranium 1.0\Graphics\Characters


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  • UnifiedHardlight


    December 21, 2016 by UnifiedHardlight

    Spectreon is a -type Pokémon.

    It evolves from Eevee while holding a Dawn Stone at dusk.

    Spectreon is a ghost of the Pokémon Eevee, often long-dead and abandoned by their abusive or inexperienced Trainers. Its once cream-coloured mane has become somewhat dishevelled, and brown with dirt it uses to keep itself protected and warm. Much of the fur from its tail has thinned and matted together, making it significantly stronger, thus improving its balance for climbing, grasping and attacking. Spectreon's ears are much taller and pointier than Eevee's. Eye colour differs between genders. Claws are beginning to develop on its feet, which have in themselves grown larger with more leathery pads. However, due to them being shunned socially, there is ver…

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  • UnifiedHardlight

    So, I recently read TechSkylander's blog post (several times), and thus have decided to make one of my own, because whynaut?!

    Horrendous humour aside, I do have a few probably cool ideas about what could be added. I figured I might as well put all of my ideas out there for the community to enjoy, and to give their compliments and criticisms on my ideas.

    Due to the magnitude of content, some of it would hypothetically have to be added in the 1.1.0 patch. If any of this gets added (or any new 'mons get added), pity be to the whole blog team who have to sort out any glorious numbering issues.

    Obviously, I highly doubt the devs are likely to notice this, they're probably drowning in work right now. I just hope none of that work has gone into chan…

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  • AgentParadox

    Imperial measurements

    December 10, 2016 by AgentParadox

    When converting from m/cm to feet and inches, I recommend this website. For kg to lbs, remember that 2.2lbs = 1kg, so (kg) × 2.2 = (lb)

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  • AgentParadox

    I'm thinking of creating the missing Pokémon lists (Via height, weight etc). If I were to do so, do you think I should separate the Pokémon into size groups like Bulbapedia does, or have them set out like the Pokédex with an extra section for the height/weight etc. Any tips are appreciated. AgentParadox (talk) 22:57, November 24, 2016 (UTC)

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  • TechSkylander1518

    FEAR Method

    November 24, 2016 by TechSkylander1518

    Bulbapedia article on FEAR Method

    This is a fun little strategy I haven't seen brought up much in Uranium discussions. (likely because people usually already know how to deal with it, but still, it's pretty fun to watch level 100s fall at a little early Pokémon)

    Cottonee and Whimsicott can do it using Prankster and Nature Power, and Chyinmunk and Kinetmunk are also capable. Given the big amount of priority moves in Uranium, I'm sure there's a lot of possibilities. (especially with Sudden Strike-takes care of Ghost-types while still being able to hit Normal-types!) Anyone know any others?

    (also, on the subject, is this worth making an article for, or should we just leave it like this? I know most strategies don't merit an article, but this is …

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  • Torialaw192

    Nucka's Baby Girl

    November 22, 2016 by Torialaw192

    After training Nucka to a level 30, he was about to evlove, but instead, I got a "huh?" icon instead. As the game when to the egg, I saw it move and crack. Nucka was right beside me, getting ready to see if his new baby Tancoon was a boy or a girl. When it finally hatch, it was a Nuclear baby Tancoon. Nucka sniffed it and licked the cute little baby pup. It's a girl, congrats Nucka." I said, petting the Nuclear Tancoon's head. "You should be so proud." And even though his eyes was white and blank, I can still see the joy he has in him within him. I decided to keep the baby Tancoon in my party. Nucka decided to rest under a tree, tired of all that has happened with his training, but he didn't mine. I closed my eyes as well, falling asleep a…

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  • Torialaw192

    Nucka's Story

    November 16, 2016 by Torialaw192

    I never got the chance to know Nucka well, nor did I know Nuclear Pokemon well. But Nucka made me see different now. It all started on the Route from my characters old hometown, a Ranger was getting attacked by a Nuclear Pokemon, a Tancoon no less. However, I didn't know the "Catcher" tamed him down a little. I had went into battle with the Wild Nuclear Tancoon, but what I saw wasn't a Friendly Pokemon, I saw a Power Hungry Beast that shouldn't be alive. But when I made eye contact with Nucka, he didn't attack me, yet. I clinged onto a Ultra Ball, tightly, but my Great Ball fell from my pocket. Scared to pick it up, I stayed ferm, keeping my eyes on Nucka, but I didn't know a wild normal Tancoon snuck up behind me. I was trapped, with two …

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  • TechSkylander1518

    (wasn't sure whether a blog post or the Edit page would be seen more, and I think everyone should be aware of this discussion)

    We're not in any big rush, but I thought it could be nice for us to have a more active admin. All that's really needed for the job is 1) be willing and able and 2) make sure people are okay with it, and both shouldn't be that hard to fill. I put up a section on the Edits page if anyone's up for talking about there!

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  • TechSkylander1518


    November 11, 2016 by TechSkylander1518

    Wizkit is an adorable Fakemon Twitch made on her Wordpress blog. A lot of Fakemon Twitch posted on the blog made their way into Uranium, and even though Wizkit didn't, it has almost all the details to be ready for it, so I figured I'd make a little "wiki page" for it.

    All details listed came from this post. The art used came from here.

    Wizkit is a dual-type / Pokémon.

    It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

    Wizkit is not included in Pokémon Uranium.

    (skipped the biology section because I wasn't up for all that writing-I can't even do it for actual pages!)

    Note: Wizkit uses Gen 6's TM list, so it doesn't quite match up with Uranium's. Some of the moves have different numbers on Twitch's post, but I changed them to Uranium's to ma…

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  • TechSkylander1518

    Please note: None of these images are mine. The artists are credited with the images, along with links to where their original post can be found.

    Additionally, if any of the artists aren't okay with me posting their work here, please let me know and I will take your images down as best I can!

    I dunno about anyone else, but I tend to feel like it's easier to get involved on a smaller community like the wiki than it is on the bigger social sites like the subreddit and Discord channel. Those are more made for conversation, so a lot more happens there, and it seems like that makes it both easy to get lost with things getting pushed back easily. (could very easily just be me, though)

    Anyways, I just told that to explain why I'm sharing these-I thi…

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  • TechSkylander1518

    The usual rules to a monotype challenge are pretty simple-Build a team based around one type! Dual-types are allowed, as well as Pokémon that evolve into the type you pick.

    Uranium doesn't quite suit the monotype challenge as well as the main games, so I think a grace clause should be implemented-Since it could be a while until you find Pokémon of your type, you may play with a mixed team, but when a Pokémon of your type does become available, it must be added to your team.

    • Rule of three: Your starter must have no more than three stages of evolution-You may have a two-stage with a Mega or a three stage without using its Mega evolution. (like Baariette)
    • Nuclear Clause:Obviously, for a Nuclear runthrough, you won't be able to get a match for yo…

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  • TechSkylander1518

    Inspired by the "20 years of Pokémon" Mystery Gifts going on right now and the old Pokémon cards that would say they were some notable trainer's Pokémon, I thought it could be a fun thing to do for Pokémon Uranium!

    This would start on the one-year anniversary of Uranium 1.0 (August 6, 2017), and would have a special Pokémon released each month. The Pokémon would have the OT of one of the trainers, and would have something extra special about it, like an item not yet released or a move or ability it can't get normally.

    So, without further ado, here's the (not-yet-completed) list! Italics indicate a personal comment about something I might be indecisive about.

    Arguably even more iconic to the game than Urayne, Theo's Nucleon is the one Pokémon c…

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  • TechSkylander1518

    Unused Sprites

    October 17, 2016 by TechSkylander1518

    Did a little bit of digging in the game's graphics, and I found some pretty neat stuff.

    Hey, it's the game's icon!

    My guess is that this is either an early Nuclear Ball or what was going to be the Atom Ball. (mentioned when Urayne joins the player) Either way, looks like it was never finished-no summary or throwing sprites for it, just the item.

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  • CalimTheCrystalGem


    October 17, 2016 by CalimTheCrystalGem


    So, although not entirely confirmed, according to Yamask's dex entry, Yamasks were humans, and the same thing problably happens with other ghost-types.


    Duskull. Duskull is a Pokemon that does anything for children's cry.

    What if, after Lucille died, she turned into a Duskull, and made the second Power Plant (the one we go into) explode

    OR, if you say that ghosts can't make contact, what if a Nuclear Pokemon can see ghosts, or just Lucille-Duskull, and exploded the thing for her? A Ranger does mentions about Nuclear 'Mon's soulless, blank eyes.

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  • TechSkylander1518

    I've been having a lot of ideas for Uranium lately (read:a huge brainstorm that showed up last night) and I'd like to suggest these to the devs, but I know they've got a lot of work and don't want to overload them. So, this will serve as a little list/discussion page about them (and others if you'd like to suggest them!) so I don't drive them or myself crazy talking too much about them. (Don't worry, I'm not sending this list to them! I'm only suggesting one idea for now, and might suggest the others later)

    Idea:Each Eeveelution gets an ability that changes the type of Normal-type moves to their type, like Atomizate and Pixelate do for Nucleon and Sylveon.

    The change in abilities would look like this:


    • Ability 1:Water Absorb
    • Ability 2:…

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  • TechSkylander1518

    I was thinking over what Pokémon could be good candidates for Mega Evolution. Honestly, almost any line could have some pretty cool ones, but I tried to narrow it down a little bit:

    It's only fair(y), really. Kiricorn's going to get a lot more use if it's the only one of Minicorn's evolutions with a Mega, and I can't help but feel like there's not really any Mega Evolution for the Dark type. The only two Pokémon that are Dark type and can Mega Evolve are Drilgann and Sableye. Drilgan's mainly built as a Ground type-it barely learns any Dark type moves-and Sableye is more of a gimmicky kind of mega, IMO. (Its new Mega Stats aren't even better than most regular Pokémon.

    The only pure Steel type in the game, so its the only type that will ever a…

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  • TechSkylander1518

    Former Tutors

    October 2, 2016 by TechSkylander1518

    I don't want to be bringing this up continually whenever I edit anything relating to tutor moves, so I'm just writing my thoughts here.

    I really appreciate all that the new devs are doing for the game, but I think it was a terrible idea to remove all the other tutors in the region. As Androziel says here, it's supposedly to make it both easier for players to have them all in one place, as well as cut down on scripted events in the game. If the Ultimate Move Tutor was free or took money, I would agree that it's more convenient, but shards are hard to find. I much prefer flying to different tutors to spend a little money or nothing at all to repeatedly breaking coral in hopes of a chance to get shards. (I'm sure this can be easily fixed by add…

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  • OympianSword

    Breeding question

    September 22, 2016 by OympianSword

    So, there is something I want to try out. But I wanna know something first. Can I transfer perfect IVs over from one species to another by breeding? I do have some Pokemon with perfect IVs, but not always the best species. Since there are pokemon those IVs would come in use for, is there a way to breed IVs between different specimen?

    Feedback would be appreciated

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  • Bustbursterz

    I recently (AKA A few minutes ago) put up a Nucleon for trade in the GTS, but it's still in my party.

    I checked to make sure I didn't accidentally take it out, and I didn't. Is that just what happens until traded, or it it a bug?


    The Nucleon was traded, and I got the Eevee I offered it for. HOWEVER, the Nucleon is still here, in my Party.

    I'm not complaining, but I'm certain this shouldn't have happenned.


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  • JustACommenter

    Tips Please

    July 10, 2016 by JustACommenter

    Okay, I have played through the game up till Route 8, and I'm wondering wether I'm supposed to have HM Surf or some of the Fishing Rods. If I have missed something, or if the opportunity to obtain these items is coming up, will someone please mention it? Thanks.

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    I was thinking we could add more shinies, because a lot of people want Event Shiny S51 to get it's shiny backsprite. I put my own Shiny S51 Back Sprite on the wiki, and I think it's pretty darn good. So I was thinking that we could put what we think shiny sprites would look like in our view. The first one we should make shiny sprites of is Feleng, in which it has nothing shiny on it.

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  • KrystalLBX

    How do I update?

    June 3, 2015 by KrystalLBX

    It says I need to update to 4.2.4 (currently running version 4.2.3b) but I can't figure out how to, HELP!?

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  • Tadoke

    Image dump load

    January 15, 2015 by Tadoke

    Discovered Windows Photo Gallery does it's own reduce image resolution, in that it will turn the detail in J.V.'s map into useless blur. Fortunately I tried the file in Photoshop with no issues. Happy with this I set out to chop out routes and towns maps, infoboxes, and locations. I'm hoping that the map file is not outdated and doesn't lead to confusion of the Abra style.

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